We are a Christian community devoted to the transformative pursuit of God. 

ζητέω  |  ZA-TE'O  |  to seek in order to find

Our Vision:  
We exist to help individuals and communities find wholeness through a transformative pursuit of God.

Our Mission: 
We will achieve our vision by providing Christ-centered community, compassion without judgement, and meaningful conversation.

Our Values:  

Unity -

Zeteo is a community of Christians from various churches and organizations united in serving our city and beyond.

Restoration -

Locally, we will provide long term housing and comprehensive care for women who have been sexually exploited.

Racial Reconciliation -

We are committed to building cross-cultural relationships that foster humility, forgiveness, repentance and hope as we walk in love with God and one another.

Community -

We gather to celebrate Christ’s love for us and to demonstrate His love for others.