Impacting Lives.
Changing Culture.

Who We Are

The Zeteo Community is a group of Christians from various churches and organizations united in serving our city. Our heart is to reveal the goodness of God by showing His love to the vulnerable among us and caring for them in tangible ways.

Zeteo Community Homes is a project that was birthed from this heart and desire to show the love of God to the Dane County region. It began with a God-given desire in Marlene Sorenson’s heart that she began to pray about and act upon, a desire to provide needed resources to women that had been sexually exploited. She and her husband Kenton began to share the vision and committed to learning from experienced workers in the field. Over the last 4 years, many like-minded individuals and organizations have come alongside us to see this dream put in motion.

Our Mission

To serve women who have been sexually exploited by providing long-term housing, holistic care, and a supportive community where they are free to dream and thrive

Our Vision

To see the transformative love of God bring hope to women and healing to our culture.

Our Heart

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Our Values

Jesus Centered

We are a faith-based organization.

We believe the heart of God is reflected in our desire to care for women who have been exploited and see them restored. We are inspired by the character of Jesus, motivated by his love, and trust in his redemption to make an impact on our community and our world.

Community Based

We believe that community can be transformational.

The work we do as an organization is marked by connection to others and we want to extend that connection to the women we serve. Beyond the programs and facility, we want to invite women into a safe and caring community. We believe that this is the most significant part of what we do because of the crucial role healthy relationships and support systems play in healing and trauma prevention. We strive to build authentic relationships that will create a space of acceptance and belonging for anyone who partners with us, works within our organization, or participates in our programs.

Committed to Excellence

We are dedicated to serving with excellence.

We believe every life is valuable, therefore we aim to offer high quality care, facilities, and staff to the women we serve. We hold to a standard of excellence in all that we do including delivery of services, financial integrity, community relationships, and organizational partnerships.

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